Fresal, standard and special tools

Fresal, just outside of Turin in Volpiano, manufactures standard and special tools in steel powders and in solid carbide. The vast range of standard products in stock is paired with a consolidated capability in developing tools for specific applications. The design time for complex tools is significantly reduced through the use of 3-D simulation software. A certified measuring machine provides test certificates for manufactured tools.

Fresal Utensili, Via Brandizzo 170, Volpiano (TO), tel. +39 011.9884920,



De Santo, a tool shop in Turin

De Santo srl was established in 1952 as a workshop for oxyacetylene welding system repairs. The founder, Vincenzo De Santo, working with constancy, dedication and enthusiasm laid the foundations for the creation and development of the present-day tool shop.

The company provides tools, machine tool accessories and measuring instruments on a daily basis, combined with the necessary experience to evaluate applications and usage. Maximum attention is given to post sales assistance for all products.


Within the area of tools for metal machining, De Santo supplies drills, cutters, reamers, taps, dies, sawing machine blades, inserts and tool holders for turning, shearing, face grooving and threading, inserts and cutter bodies for milling, thread cutters, rolling tools and hole honing tools.

With regard to machine tool accessories, the company markets tool spindles, tapping units, vices, chucks, fastening systems, revolving tables, foot/tailstocks and magnetic equipment.


Measuring instruments represent a significant area of business. In the De Santo catalogue, you can find callipers, micrometres, comparators, bore gauges, surface plates and gauge blocks, surface gauges and vertical meters, microscopes, hardness testers, profilometers, roundness meters, roughness meters, contact and optical measuring machines, laser measurement systems, optical profile gauges, presetting, endoscopes, revolution counters, prisms, rulers, chronometers, thermometers, dynamometers, scales, and smooth and threaded plug gauges.


De Santo also markets fittings and standard parts for plastic moulding, marking machines, video recorders, demagnetizers, hand tools, abrasives, industrial furnishings, electric and pneumatic tools, centralizers, knurling tools, torque wrenches and personal protective equipment.

De Santo is an agent for the leading companies in this field, having a 650 sqm warehouse in Turin and a staff of thirteen and six agents. The company is UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 certified.

De Santo srl, Via Reiss Romoli 160/c, Turin, phone +39 011.2262620, e-mail