LABORMET DUE, control instruments, from microscopes to mechanical testers

LABORMET DUE markets instruments for the control and classification of consumables, from a stereomicroscope to a 60-tonne tensile testing machine, with solutions for incoming and production materials and for quality improvement.

The main activity is the marketing of instruments for controlling ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, rubber and composite materials. The company also provides personnel training, installation, post-sales support, recalibration and certification for its products.


LABORMET DUE covers the main classification and measurement techniques: metallography, optical and electronic microscopy, image analysis, physical and mechanical testing, environmental simulation testing, chemical analysis and metrology in the areas of research, production and quality.

A further opportunity, offered upon customer request, is provided by the tomography service for special parts: reverse engineering, porosity evaluation and internal defect checking are just some examples of using this technology. While the purchase of this instrument entails significant management and logistical costs and expenses, offering the same service for individual projects or on a time basis represents an ideal solution both for continuous measurements and for sporadic activities.


LABORMET DUE Srl is one of the most firmly established traders in northern Italy in the field of scientific instrumentation for laboratories and quality control. The company represents, either as the exclusive agent for Piedmont, the Aosta Valley and Liguria, or as an agent and retailer, leading brands such as Leica Microsystems (stereoscopic, optical and confocal microscopes, and image analysis systems for metallography and part cleanliness checking), Weiss Technik (climate chambers, salt mist corrosion testing chambers and equipment for environmental simulation), Galdabini (tensile, compression and resiliency testing machines and static mechanical testing machines in general), OGP HOMMEL (non-contact optical 3D measuring machines, roughness meters, profilometers and roundness meters), GE (industrial X-ray computed tomography systems), PRESI (machines and consumables for preparing metallographic samples), Gibitre (special instrumentation for checking the physical characteristics of rubber), and INNOVATEST (HR HB HV bench hardness testing machines, universal and portable hardness testers).

LABORMET DUE, Corso Orbassano 402/18, Turin, telephone +39 011.740905,

GAI GIACOMO, high-precision parts

GAI GIACOMO is an automated turning shop able to offer its clients professional technical support and high-level production technologies. These are the characteristics that have made it the leader in its field: know-how, with over 40 years’ experience in the field – technology, employing sophisticated state-of-the-art machinery and instruments – reliability, through top-level technical skills and punctuality – and flexibility, by applying maximum efficiency to all types of requirements, whether small, medium or large-scale production runs.

With CNC twin-spindle, fixed head and sliding headstock automatic bar lathes having four to ten controlled axes with motorized tools, it is possible to produce high-precision parts of high complexity, with a 3-mm to 65-mm diameter machining capability, for small or medium-scale production runs. For large-scale production runs, using multi-spindle automatic bar lathes having six or eight mechanical spindles and CNC, the machining capability ranges from diameters of 6 mm to 42 mm. The secondary machining shop is the ideal support for finishing operations on some of the machining carried out in-house: transfer, rolling, milling, drilling and camera-controlled picking machines enable giving manufactured parts their precise final form and finishing. In addition, through qualified external suppliers, Gai Giacomo offers special finishings with thermal and galvanic surface treatments for parts, complete with external and internal grinding, always according to the client’s specifications.


The company works with all types of steel in bar form, stainless steels, brass, aluminium, copper, plastic and generally any type material that can be obtained in drawn or extruded bars. The sectors served include automotive, hydraulics, mechatronics, medical, costume jewellery and machinery construction.

GAI GIACOMO s.r.l., Via Rivoli 106, Villarbasse (Torino), Italy, tel. +39 011.952.94.01/02/03, e-mail,

Fresal, standard and special tools

Fresal, just outside of Turin in Volpiano, manufactures standard and special tools in steel powders and in solid carbide. The vast range of standard products in stock is paired with a consolidated capability in developing tools for specific applications. The design time for complex tools is significantly reduced through the use of 3-D simulation software. A certified measuring machine provides test certificates for manufactured tools.

Fresal Utensili, Via Brandizzo 170, Volpiano (TO), tel. +39 011.9884920,



De Santo, a tool shop in Turin

De Santo srl was established in 1952 as a workshop for oxyacetylene welding system repairs. The founder, Vincenzo De Santo, working with constancy, dedication and enthusiasm laid the foundations for the creation and development of the present-day tool shop.

The company provides tools, machine tool accessories and measuring instruments on a daily basis, combined with the necessary experience to evaluate applications and usage. Maximum attention is given to post sales assistance for all products.


Within the area of tools for metal machining, De Santo supplies drills, cutters, reamers, taps, dies, sawing machine blades, inserts and tool holders for turning, shearing, face grooving and threading, inserts and cutter bodies for milling, thread cutters, rolling tools and hole honing tools.

With regard to machine tool accessories, the company markets tool spindles, tapping units, vices, chucks, fastening systems, revolving tables, foot/tailstocks and magnetic equipment.


Measuring instruments represent a significant area of business. In the De Santo catalogue, you can find callipers, micrometres, comparators, bore gauges, surface plates and gauge blocks, surface gauges and vertical meters, microscopes, hardness testers, profilometers, roundness meters, roughness meters, contact and optical measuring machines, laser measurement systems, optical profile gauges, presetting, endoscopes, revolution counters, prisms, rulers, chronometers, thermometers, dynamometers, scales, and smooth and threaded plug gauges.


De Santo also markets fittings and standard parts for plastic moulding, marking machines, video recorders, demagnetizers, hand tools, abrasives, industrial furnishings, electric and pneumatic tools, centralizers, knurling tools, torque wrenches and personal protective equipment.

De Santo is an agent for the leading companies in this field, having a 650 sqm warehouse in Turin and a staff of thirteen and six agents. The company is UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 certified.

De Santo srl, Via Reiss Romoli 160/c, Turin, phone +39 011.2262620, e-mail

3T Trattamenti Termici Torino

3T Trattamenti Termici Torino was founded in 1970 as a services company for the purpose of performing heat treatments for third parties on ferrous and non-ferrous materials, providing them with greater resistance to wear, fatigue, scuffing and corrosion.
3T started working with two plants, which progressing over the years with expansion of the operational areas have become more than fifty and currently represent the best of technology in the industry at a global level.


The treatments that 3T performs chiefly concern those in a controlled atmosphere, such as: Carburizing, Carbonitriding, Austempering on cast iron, Hardening and TemperingNormalization, Annealing, Gas Nitrocarburizing and Gas Nitriding.

Furthermore, an absolutely ecological treatment known as Nit.Ru.Less. has been patented, which in addition to improving the wear and fatigue resistance of treated parts, makes them highly corrosion resistant. This treatment was included in FCA – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles specifications on 8 October 2015, under number 9.57104 and with the caption “corrosion resistant anti-wear treatment”. Thus, from that date, all nitriding followed by oxidation is developed for FCA – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles via Nit.Ru.Less., in Italy and throughout Europe. 3T serves the automotive (cars, industrial vehicles and earth-moving machines) and machine tools markets.

3T Trattamenti Termici Torino srl, Via Vajont 77, Rivoli. Tel. +39 011.9576428, e‑mail