Zincoplating, services for galvanizing treatments

Zincoplating, based in Moncalieri in the Province of Turin, provides numerous services for galvanizing treatments. It has state-of-the-art equipment and machinery that enable carrying out complex treatments in short times and with high quality results. Moreover, the company has an in-house laboratory for analysis and testing. The work experience matured since 1964 by its founder, Nicola Dicosta, is also a great professional heritage for his sons who chose to follow him and continue his work today.


Having established itself as a solid business, reliable and always at the forefront in its field, the company uses qualified personnel supported by latest-generation machinery for zinc plating, zinc nickel rack and barrel plating, zinc flake processes and top coats on small metal parts.

The factory operates in an area covering 7,000 sqm, of which 4,000 sqm is covered, and with a staff of 32. The machine park is composed of primary installations, all automatic and including: two cyanide-free alkaline zinc barrel lines, one cyanide-free alkaline zinc rack line, two alkaline zinc nickel barrel lines, one alkaline zinc nickel rack line, and a zinc flake and top coats barrel line. The company also has secondary installations, including sandblasters, dehydrogenation furnaces and sealing systems. The laboratory is equipped with all the instrumentation useful for checking production processes, with X-ray thickness measurement systems, salt spray chamber and an atomic absorption unit.


Zincoplating has achieved quality and environmental certification, guaranteeing truly flawless work, and including: UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 since 1998, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 since 2005, and A.I.A. (Integrated Environmental Authorization) since 2006.

Zincoplating srl, Via Vittime Vajont 17/19, Moncalieri (TO), tel. +39 011.6814947, info@zincoplating.it, www.zincoplating.eu.

VAT, turned metal parts

VAT srl, originally an acronym for Viteria Automatica Torino (Automatic Screws Turin), was founded in 1960 and specializes in the production of small turned metal parts. The company’s characteristics are: know-how, over fifty years of experience in the sector, flexibility and cutting-edge technology, machine park and instrumentation. The main objective is achieving quality in every work phase, to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Manufacturing includes parts in brass, normal and high-strength steel, aluminium, stainless steel and titanium. Work is carried out according to drawings provided expressly by the client. The areas of use include automotive, gas systems, hydraulics, construction, industrial, communications and shipbuilding.


The range of machine tools employed comprises both single-spindle and multi-spindle automatic lathes, as well as fixed head and sliding headstock CNC machines, with bar capacities ranging from 6-mm to 36-mm diameters. The production chain features accurate raw materials checking and since 2001 the company has obtained ISO 9001 certification, attesting a constantly controlled and improved organizational and production structure. Special attention is given to respecting the environment, with the production of “clean” energy via a 20 kW solar panel system and the use of innovative suction and ventilation systems.

VAT di Bollati & C. srl, Via Bertone 10, Grugliasco (TO), tel. +39 011.3149440, e-mail info@vat.to.it, www.vat.to.it.

UTIMAC, turning machines

UTIMAC operates in the turning machine sector and, with nearly thirty years of activity, is able to provide customers with tailor-made solutions to meet the real needs of modern production cycles.


Business activities include the sale of machine tools for turning, with a range covering all types of machining, the design and construction of CNC multi-spindle automatic lathes, customization of machines according to client requirements, pre-delivery inspection and production testing, design and management of software and macros dedicated to production, personnel training, installation using own engineers, support for mechanical, hydraulic and electronic parts, the sale of used machinery, including overhauled machines, the supply of spares, tools and accessories, and financial consulting for machine park optimization.

The principles that guide company business concern the reliability of supplied products, after-sales service, support, continuous research into technological innovation, continual personnel training refreshers, and the transfer of know-how for the technological and competitive growth of clients. Cooperation with manufacturers is constant, with the aim of product improvement and solving specific machining needs. The services offered include pre-sales support with evaluation of problems regarding the parts to be produced, the study of production times and methods, and estimation of the investment required to provide what is needed.

UTIMAC Torino srl, Via Cristoforo Colombo 4, Robassomero (TO), tel. +39 011.9241451, fax +39 011.9241192, e-mail info@utimac.com, www.utimac.com.

Tecnosteel, precision mechanics

tecnosteel-marchio is an automatic turning shop with over forty years of experience in the field of precision mechanics. The machine park currently comprises: both cam and CNC multi-spindle machines (6-8 spindles) handling 5-mm to 42-mm bar diameters, and both sliding headstock and fixed headstock multi-axis single-spindle CNC machines handling 5-mm to 65-mm bar diameters. The lathes, all technologically state-of-the-art, supply parts for the following sectors: automotive, hydraulics, earth moving and electromedical. The possibility of machining bars in steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminium for the production of small and large batches, enables Tecnosteel to offer practical solutions at competitive prices for a market in continual evolution.


The company has a latest-generation ultrasonic vacuum washer employing modified alcohol and an automatic sorting machine equipped with high-resolution 2D cameras to ensure, where required, 100% checking of the items produced. The quality system is UNI EN ISO 9001 certified since 1999.


TECNOSTEEL srl, Strada Borgaretto 1/A, Orbassano (TO), tel. +39 011.9016916, fax +39 011.9016918, e-mail info@tecnosteel.com, web site www.tecnosteel.com.


Silco, products and systems for heat and surface treatments

Silco, products and systems for heat and surface treatments, was established in Turin in 1985, specializing right from the start in supplying sandblasting products and systems. Since 1997, headquarters are based in the Turin freight village (Interporto S.I.TO.), at the ring road exit for the Commune of Rivalta. In addition to sandblasting, shot-peening and shot-blasting, Silco operates in the field of surface treatments, with the Washline brand of washers for cleaning mechanical parts with spray and ultrasonic systems, heat treatments, tumbling machines, vibratory finishers, abrasives and plastic abrasives.


Silco deals with:

– compressed-air, pressure and suction sandblasters with accessories, universal spares, nozzles, guns and gloves;
– hook, pass-through and rotary-table turbine shot-blasting machines;
– sandblasting cabins with accessory kits;
– spray and ultrasonic washers for tools and sundry parts, including small turned or ground parts;
traditional ovens and ventilated stoves for heat treatments ranging from 200 to 1200 degrees Celsius;
ovens for low-pressure and vacuum cementation up to 1300 degrees Celsius and 6×10-5 mbar;
heat treatment equipment in Carbon / Carbon 3D and in metal (Inconel);
– wet, dry and centrifugal-disc tumbling machines for bulk and one-by-one parts;
consumables for the indicated systems, glass microspheres, corundum, ceramic inserts, plastics and detergents for various applications;
degreasers and deoxidizers for stainless steel, brass and copper alloys;
acid and alkaline degreasers for removing oil, grease and polishing paste;
detergents for removing light surface oxides, both spray-based and ultrasonic.


SILCO srl, Quinta Strada n. 9, Interporto S.I.TO., Rivalta di Torino (TO), tel. +39 011.3972930,  e-mail info@silcotorino.it, sito web www.silcotorino.it.

Rela, centreless grinding and double disk grinding

Rela srl, based in Ivrea, was established in 1972 with a technical staff of proven experience, many with a background in Olivetti and coming from project engineering and mechanical workshops.

The company is specialized in the field of centreless grinding and double disk grinding, achieving a quality of workmanship worthy of note. It is precisely this added value dictated by high professional competence that drove the company to expand its premises and move to the industrial area to the east of the city of Ivrea, where it still located today.

A solid production capability supported by a sizeable machine park allows the company to sustain its work schedules with efficiency and quality.


Company characteristics:
– outside diameter, plunge, pass-through and double disk grinding, and precision rest machining to client specifications.
– effective and collaborative response in start-up stage.
– sampling and advance sale.
– proactive solutions regarding problems that may arise during sampling or machining operations for new products.
– flexibility and availability in handling production emergencies.
– cooperation and reliability.

Company focus:
– defining commitments and objectives necessary for monitoring quality required in a manner commensurate with the company and the context in which it operates.
– organizing and implementing an ISO 9001: 2008 standard-compliant quality management system with the objective of continuous improvement.
– financially supporting across-the-board production and quality improvements with the best cost-benefit ratio.

Rela srl, Corso Vercelli 141, IVREA (torino), Italia, e-mail info.relaltd@gmail.com.

Pavesio Mario, turned parts made to order

Founded in 1949, Pavesio Mario has always been at the side of its customers in the development and production of precision components, from prototype to mass-production, from small batches to large production runs, and with sixty years of working alongside both small and large national companies and multinational groups with production sites worldwide.

The company has developed considerable experience in the production of turned parts that, over the years, has been expanded with secondary machining using transfer machines, small-tube bending and controlled-atmosphere brazing. The technical experience acquired in the various types of processing combined with the use of advanced technologies has been exploited to provide products of quality.


Production is made to order, according to customer-provided drawings and specifications, with the technical office is always ready to make its experience and the company’s know-how available for working out solutions that take the product’s functional, technological and cost requirements into consideration.

Since 1998, the Quality System has been certified; first according to the ISO 9002 standard and subsequently according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard; in addition, in 2005, the prestigious target of certification according to ISO/TS 16949 specifications was achieved.


The strength of Pavesio Mario is its experience, which together with latest-generation equipment and a motivated team of colleagues, enables manufacturing a wide range of components for use in all kinds of applications and in the most varied fields of use. The company’s story is tied to the automotive world, but the technologies used allow supplying any sector that needs precision mechanical components. From the simple turned part to the most complex assembled, welded and folded fittings, a range of products can be made in all the most common materials (automatic, high-resistance, case-hardened and stainless steels, as well as aluminium alloys and brass). Finally, a reliable group of partner suppliers allows completing products with different operations, from grinding to milling, heat treatments to a wide range of galvanic treatments and finishings in general.

Pavesio Mario, Via Massimo D’Antona 13, Trofarello (TO), tel. +39 011.6067797. www.pavesiomario.com.

Nuova TDS, precision machining

Nuova TDS is a family run company, with over thirty years of know-how handed down from father to son, and where technical and tooling innovation combines with the skill and work culture of the craftsman.


The experience of yesteryear and the commitment of today have enabled meeting customer’s requirements right from the beginning and to expand our job portfolio. The possibilities offered by modern CNC machine tools and the ability of still carrying out machining with manually controlled tools enables offering a wide range of services, for medium and large scale production runs, while maintaining standards of high quality and precision, also ensured via three-dimensional part checking with a ZEISS measuring machine.


The main machining operations carried out are: turning, milling and assembly of mechanical parts, manual selection and deburring of blanks and machined parts, and small rest machining jobs for restoring non-compliant parts (operations carried out on company premises). Milling jobs are carried out using vertical machining centres with four and five axes, and horizontal machining centres. The main materials handled are: ferrous metals, stainless steel and alloys. The company is also specialized in aluminium pressure casting and cast iron.

Nuova TDS srl, Strada Campagnola 69, Alpignano (TO), tel. +39 011.9676195, e‑mail amministrazione@nuovatds.com, web site www.nuovatds.com.

Mitor, medium and large-scale production runs for precision turned parts

Mitor srl, founded in 1973, works with competence and expertise in the field of small precision parts production, combining over thirty years of experience with modern technological tools, with the aim of continuous improvement. Medium and large production runs are handled for precision parts turned from drawn bars of brass, free-cutting leaded steel, stainless steel and aluminium of round, hexagonal or square section ranging from 2 mm to 42 mm.


The products, made directly to the customer’s drawing, regard various sectors, such as industrial components, pressing/moulding, automotive, industrial fittings, and anywhere that the application of precision mechanics is required. Machining is carried out using sliding headstock and fixed headstock single-spindle automatic CNC lathes. With the aim of providing a quality standard commensurate with growing market needs, since 2003 Mitor uses a UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certified quality system and pays particular attention to customer satisfaction.


The factory is located in the new Ferriera industrial estate in Buttigliera Alta, in the Province of Turin. It is easily reached from the Rivoli-Bruere and Avigliana exits of the A32 Turin-Bardonecchia motorway (also known as the Frejus motorway). The company has approximately 1,000 sqm allocated to production and warehouse, and over 200 sqm of offices and facilities.

Mitor srl, Via della Praia 4/G, Frazione Ferriera, Buttigliera Alta (TO). Tel. +39.011.931.3618, e‑mail mitor@mitorsrl.info, web site www.mitorsrl.info.

Meccanica Baudano, founded in 1935

Meccanica Baudano celebrates eighty years of activity. It was founded in 1935 and has always worked in the turning sector, constantly renewing itself through the technological evolution of the machines, from the first revolver lathes to the current CNC lathes. The company is based in Villarbasse, in the Province of Turin.


Since 1935, the structure of Meccanica Baudano has passed from a small craft firm to today’s dynamic company, competitive in various sectors, by cultivating customer satisfaction and creating stable and long-term partnerships. Production activities are carried out in a company-owned 2,700 mqs plant.


The core business is producing bar-turned parts, using automatic feeders. Milling, drilling and tapping work on machining centres is also undertaken. The materials used most are:





The business areas are automotive, hydraulics, pneumatics, shipbuilding and healthcare.

Meccanica Baudano srl, via della Bassa 27, Villarbasse (TO) Italia, tel. +39 011.952.106, e-mail info@meccanicabaudano.com, www.meccanicabaudano.com.