UTIMAC, turning machines

UTIMAC operates in the turning machine sector and, with nearly thirty years of activity, is able to provide customers with tailor-made solutions to meet the real needs of modern production cycles.


Business activities include the sale of machine tools for turning, with a range covering all types of machining, the design and construction of CNC multi-spindle automatic lathes, customization of machines according to client requirements, pre-delivery inspection and production testing, design and management of software and macros dedicated to production, personnel training, installation using own engineers, support for mechanical, hydraulic and electronic parts, the sale of used machinery, including overhauled machines, the supply of spares, tools and accessories, and financial consulting for machine park optimization.

The principles that guide company business concern the reliability of supplied products, after-sales service, support, continuous research into technological innovation, continual personnel training refreshers, and the transfer of know-how for the technological and competitive growth of clients. Cooperation with manufacturers is constant, with the aim of product improvement and solving specific machining needs. The services offered include pre-sales support with evaluation of problems regarding the parts to be produced, the study of production times and methods, and estimation of the investment required to provide what is needed.

UTIMAC Torino srl, Via Cristoforo Colombo 4, Robassomero (TO), tel. +39 011.9241451, fax +39 011.9241192, e-mail info@utimac.com, www.utimac.com.

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