Silco, products and systems for heat and surface treatments

Silco, products and systems for heat and surface treatments, was established in Turin in 1985, specializing right from the start in supplying sandblasting products and systems. Since 1997, headquarters are based in the Turin freight village (Interporto S.I.TO.), at the ring road exit for the Commune of Rivalta. In addition to sandblasting, shot-peening and shot-blasting, Silco operates in the field of surface treatments, with the Washline brand of washers for cleaning mechanical parts with spray and ultrasonic systems, heat treatments, tumbling machines, vibratory finishers, abrasives and plastic abrasives.


Silco deals with:

– compressed-air, pressure and suction sandblasters with accessories, universal spares, nozzles, guns and gloves;
– hook, pass-through and rotary-table turbine shot-blasting machines;
– sandblasting cabins with accessory kits;
– spray and ultrasonic washers for tools and sundry parts, including small turned or ground parts;
traditional ovens and ventilated stoves for heat treatments ranging from 200 to 1200 degrees Celsius;
ovens for low-pressure and vacuum cementation up to 1300 degrees Celsius and 6×10-5 mbar;
heat treatment equipment in Carbon / Carbon 3D and in metal (Inconel);
– wet, dry and centrifugal-disc tumbling machines for bulk and one-by-one parts;
consumables for the indicated systems, glass microspheres, corundum, ceramic inserts, plastics and detergents for various applications;
degreasers and deoxidizers for stainless steel, brass and copper alloys;
acid and alkaline degreasers for removing oil, grease and polishing paste;
detergents for removing light surface oxides, both spray-based and ultrasonic.


SILCO srl, Quinta Strada n. 9, Interporto S.I.TO., Rivalta di Torino (TO), tel. +39 011.3972930,  e-mail, sito web

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