Nuova TDS, precision machining

Nuova TDS is a family run company, with over thirty years of know-how handed down from father to son, and where technical and tooling innovation combines with the skill and work culture of the craftsman.


The experience of yesteryear and the commitment of today have enabled meeting customer’s requirements right from the beginning and to expand our job portfolio. The possibilities offered by modern CNC machine tools and the ability of still carrying out machining with manually controlled tools enables offering a wide range of services, for medium and large scale production runs, while maintaining standards of high quality and precision, also ensured via three-dimensional part checking with a ZEISS measuring machine.


The main machining operations carried out are: turning, milling and assembly of mechanical parts, manual selection and deburring of blanks and machined parts, and small rest machining jobs for restoring non-compliant parts (operations carried out on company premises). Milling jobs are carried out using vertical machining centres with four and five axes, and horizontal machining centres. The main materials handled are: ferrous metals, stainless steel and alloys. The company is also specialized in aluminium pressure casting and cast iron.

Nuova TDS srl, Strada Campagnola 69, Alpignano (TO), tel. +39 011.9676195, e‑mail, web site

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